QBC Emerging Tech Showcase

Concept, Design, Data Curation, Motion

What if you could quickly access everything from foot traffic to crime data around your storefront? Learn how big data can empower you to grow with confidence. Watch how augmented reality could change how you think about business expansion altogether.

My ultimate goal with this project was to find a real small business customer problem that could be solved with Augmented Reality. To get there I had to think about the data, and more traditional user experience first. I ended up concepting the AR experience as an animation (and took some 360 video with a Theta).

For any type of research, we often have to scour the internet to discover knowledge that's supposed to be publicly available. This was an exploration to combine our customer's data in Quickbooks, with open location data and machine learning to help small businesses make more informed decisions. The prototype is a Mapbox build that I partnered with Mimio to put together, and I gathered the data files from various sources, like the Mountain View Open Data Portal. I was asked to present this at Quickbooks Connect as part of their emerging tech showcase.

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